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Music and a New Hire


Music and a New Hire

On the note of music, it’s been about a week since we’ve tried to upload everything to Spotify and iTunes, and man, has it been annoying. We ended up having to fix the title and the picture to fit their requirements – and I sent that in yesterday so here’s hoping it finally gets approved.

So hello! Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a good Halloween. This Monday marks the first day of our bosses’ vacation, that we had to force him to take. He’s been bug fixing non-stop since our release, and we figured it was finally a good time for him to chill for a bit, haha.

On another note, we hired someone! It’s super exciting news, and someone we’re all personally close to. Crystal’s been doing incredible art for so long, and we knew she would be an amazing asset to have to go into Xenocite Development. You can check out her Twitter here: (some of her stuff is a little NSFW so be mindful if you’re on a work computer!)

Overall, we just want to say thank you for the continued support, we all love making games and can’t wait to show you what else we have up our sleeve.

Speaking of…did you hear? A new marriage may be in your future, someone very close to Crocodile.

11/02 – Kayla Brunner (Dragon Fruit)